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Forever  - Jacquelyn Frank This review was originally posted on my Alaskan Bookie Website at:http://alaskanbookie.com/review/forever/This is the story of Jackson Waverly and Menes. Jackson was a police officer who was killed while trying to protect his sister. When he first crossed over, he was met by an ancient Egyptian spirit named Menes. The spirit gave him a choice, he could continue onto the other side or he could return to his life. The catch: If he returns to his life, he will have to share his body with Menes. Both men would exist inside Jackson and they would share his life.Jackson had his own problems and drama in his life, now he will add all the things the former pharaoh, Menes, has going on too. Menes is in love with his wife Hatshepsut and theirs is a love that has traversed centuries and many bodywalker pairings. Each time they are joined into another body, Menes will hunt for Hatshepsut and woo her into loving him all over again. He has to woo her because when she is awakened she will also be joined with another person and the other person has to learn to love Menes as well.The whole centuries old love that Menes and Hatshepsut have is an awesome story in itself. Jackson is a stubborn man and he is not going to just give up control of himself to Menes without a fight. He understands he made a choice to share, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own feelings and desires that he wants to see fulfilled. Especially his desire for Dr. Marissa Anderson. Dr. Anderson is a healthy vibrant woman, not someone who is about to die. In order for Hatshepsut to be reborn, she has to have a willing vessel, one that is on the brink of death. Will Jackson have to put his own feelings and desires aside so Menes can find a willing vessel or will Menes yield to Jackson’s desire for Dr. Anderson? Will they come to some sort of agreement before it’s too late?I love how Jacquelyn Frank draws out the romance between her characters. You really get a buildup of action, drama, and romance before they move onto the more intimate relationships. The world building is also great. Lots of background information is dealt out in smaller chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed or like you are reading a history book. I loved all the Egyptian stuff woven into the story. I especially love the interaction between Jackson and Menes. It was like putting two type ‘A’ chefs together to make one chocolate dessert from scratch! Each man has his own recipes and own way of doing things, but they will accomplish nothing if they don’t learn to cooperate. Once they start to cooperate, maybe, just maybe, they can learn from each other. And once they perfect their technique, will they use it to lure the enticing Dr. Marissa to their side? This is the second book in the World of Nightwalker’s series and I highly recommend that you read the first one Forbidden before you read this. Although not impossible to follow along, I believe the background you get from the first book will really help you to understand what is happening in the second. My final thought: This book was awesome and you should get a copy and read it today!