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Perfect Mate - Mina Carter This review was originally posted on my Alaskan Bookie website at: http://alaskanbookie.com/review/perfect-mate/Lillian Rosewood doesn’t know what she is getting herself into by trying to help the wounded solider, Captain Jack Harper, who has been brought into her facility. Although the part of the facility that holds the solider is an off-limits military wing, that doesn’t stop her from trying to find out if he is alright. Lillian doesn’t know that Captain Harper has decided that she is his mate and he wants nothing more than to get released so he can be with her. While Lillian is at Captain Harper’s bedside one of the military doctors come in and finds her in the restricted area. The military doctor decides he is going to take Lillian and teach her a lesson. She is a pretty lady and he won’t take no for an answer. As the doctor starts to force himself on Lillian, he doesn’t realize that the restraints holding Captain Harper down are nothing to his animalistic need to help Lillian. This book has the perfect mix of paranormal and romance. It also has a lot of action and kept me flipping pages like there was a box of chocolates waiting for me when I finished. From beginning to end I loved this book. I am looking forward to the second book in the series!