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I am a passionate devourer of chocolate and books. I also listen to audio books and drink chocolate. When I die, I don't want to be embalmed, I want to be dipped!

Storm Warrior  - Dani Harper This review was originally posted on my Alaskan Bookie Website at:http://alaskanbookie.com/review/storm-warrior/This book starts out with Rhys fighting for is life against the Romans. They had captured and then enslaved him to use as a fighter in the arena. After his escape he is wounded and crawls into a cave only to be captured by the Tylwyth Teg (the Fae) and starts his enslavement all over again. Only this time instead of fighting in the arena, they turn him into a Grim and use him as a foreteller of death to those that see him.This story had the perfect mix of Paranormal and Romance. The main characters, Rhys and Morgan, feel an attraction to each other but Morgan fights the attraction every step of the way. She believes he is mentally unbalanced and doesn’t want get involved with a crazy person. Just when she thinks she is over her weird attraction to Rhys, he does something that makes her more attracted to him than she was before. When she finally does decide to give in, she cannot get her head around the strange story that Rhys tells her about his past and sets her mind (and her traitorous body) against him again.Though Rhys believed he was free from the Tylwyth Teg, he quickly finds that that is not the case. They have their sights set on him and will use his friends against him in order to lure him back. He uses all his old tricks to keep them from getting close to Morgan, but it will not be enough.This story was like baking brownies. You are surrounded by the tantalizing smell so you know there is chocolaty goodness baking and you know you will not be satisfied until the last gooey morsel melts on your tongue. I enjoyed this book to the very last byte. I look forward to the next book in the series. Just like another box of brownie mix - I will definitely continue on!