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Everlasting Hunger - Brandy Dorsch This review was originally posted on my Alaskan Bookie website at: Everlasting Hunger Review.This book follows Ellie Dawson as she is introduced to the vampire world club scene. Her boss, Ian, is a vampire and part owner of the Vampire Club, Everlasting. He agrees to escort Ellie and give her a firsthand look into the workings of a Vampire Club. Ellie doesn’t know that humans entering the club will be used as ‘drinks’ or that those drinks will come with some heavy duty erotic feelings.There was a lot of sex and sex related stuff going on with the book. Vampires are portrayed as very sensual creatures that enjoy lots of touchy feely action with their ‘drinks’. They are not one-woman type men and even if you are chosen as a mate, you can expect your vampire hunny to be after any sexy ‘drink’ they can get their hands or mouths on.This book definitely goes beyond sizzling romance and lands with a hissssss right onto the Erotica category. This book will melt your prude-o-meter at 500 feet. ** Note **I received this book free from the author and Pure Textuality in exchange for an honest review. I received no chocolate or any other compensation in exchange for my review.