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The Devil You Know (Demon Legacy #1) - J.M. Gregoire This review was originally posted on my Alaskan Bookie Website at: http://alaskanbookie.com/review/the-devil-you-know/Rating 3.5 StarsSomeone is killing Guardians and hunting the secret stone that will allow a portal to be opened and demons to be unleashed into the world. The Half-Demon Deziree along with her vampire boyfriend, Vegas, and his brother Lucas try to head off the killer before he can get the portal opened. The trio soon discovers that someone has been helping the killer and now they are not sure who can be trusted. Their race around several continents will finally come to an end when they find the killer and attempt to stop the portal from opening.There were several things I liked about the book and several that I didn’t like. I loved the cover, great work on that. I loved the romance building between Dez and Vegas. I loved the extra abilities that Dez picked up while hunting for the killer.I didn’t like the romance between Dez and Vegas. I know that seems like a contradiction from what I just said, but the romance was a love/hate thing. I love you but lets not get physically involved (again) until we build a solid relationship? Really? 400 Years isn’t long enough to know?Another thing I thought was a bit hookey was when Dez discovered one of her killer powers. Instead of telling Vegas about it, she decides to test it out on him. Really? I think I have control, but I’m not sure so lets just see if I can start and then stop something that has the potential to kill you. Now that’s love, right?Finally, the ending. This was sort of a mystery with who could be helping the killer. Instead of giving hints or clues along the way, suddenly Dez just knows who it is. Not only that but it is completely out of character for the guilty party. So, no, I didn’t guess before the big reveal, but that was like pulling a chocolate bar out of the hat.JMHO** Note **I received this book free from the Author and Pure Textuality in exchange for an honest review. I received no chocolate or any other compensation in exchange for my review.