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Open Minds (Mindjack, #1) - Susan Kaye Quinn This was an interesting story where we are in a world where just about everyone can read minds. If you can read minds you are normal and if you can't then you are a 'zero'. I was surprised that in this society children and teens were still terrorized by their peers for being different. You would think that type of behavior would not be tolerated and even if you thought about doing it, someone else would know what you were thinking and put a stop to it. But no.I was surprised at Kira's relationship with Simon. Okay, I've kissed you (against your will) now I will be your boyfriend. Resistance is futile. LoLI didn't go for the whole chromosomal answers for the Jackers either. Didn't make sense. But that was okay because suddenly Kira knew how to erase memories, so we will just make that whole unscientific leap of logic go bye-bye anyway.