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Thursday at Noon - William F. Brown This review was originally posted on my Alaskan Bookie website at:http://alaskanbookie.com/review/thursday-at-noon/My Review:I would like to start out by saying that I don’t normally read spy type novels, but there is something about William Brown’s writing that keeps me nibbling at my chocolate bars well into the night. I approached this book thinking I wasn’t going to enjoy it, but the way the story was woven I just couldn’t help myself! William Brown can weave suspense like it ain’t nobody’s business! This book is thick with spies, intelligence, counter-intelligence and bad guys. Lots of bad guys. This book had a sort of historical fiction feel because it wove real people into the tale. I think if this was ever made into a movie, someone like Bruce Willis would make a great Thompson character. Bruce usually takes a licking and keeps on ticking, just like Thompson did.There was a lady interest for Thompson in this story, Ilsa, but there was no real romance. One thing I have noticed in William Brown’s books is that he doesn’t feel it necessary to have romance in his stories. Not that it is a problem - a spy without a lover - but I still want to point my chocolate bar at Mr. Brown and encourage him in that direction to see what he comes up with. LoL** Note **I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. I received no chocolate or any other compensation in exchange for my review.