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Werewolf - Greg Hair Originally published on my site at: http://alaskanbookie.com/review/werewolf/ ‎There were things I liked about this story and things I didn’t like. I liked Mr. Hair’s take on werewolves and the different things they could do. I loved the transform-Heal-Transform back while in mid-air. That was awesome. I loved that the group with our main character, Landon, were crime fighters. If you were into moonshining they would probably help you, but if you were into crimes against women and children, well then you were mincemeat.The things I didn’t like were how Mr. Hair tried to tie all of their stories together with a neat bow. It just seemed like a huge stretch. The twins would have been totally traumatized by the events, but they were like … ‘oh ok, now you can be my daddy’. Also how Jamie was forgiven everything and just handled like a mis-guided teen, don’t worry he will get over it. I will just drive him upstate and show him a grave of someone I didn’t kill and all will be well. The end part for LillyAnna was also bit much. It seemed like something the author just thought up at the end and put it in there.Overall it was a good read. There was some sex in the story, but it was downplayed and not descriptive. There was plenty of violence.