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Interview with a Jewish Vampire - Erica Manfred When I read that this book was going to be a cross between Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire and Mel Brooks, I thought it would be very funny and interesting at the same time.Since this was suppose to be an interview with a vampire, I feel disappointed that I didn't learn a lot about our main vampire, Sheldon. I learned even less about his vampire brother. Other than mentioning the brother, he don't actually 'meet' him at all in the story.The main female lead, Rhoda, had a 'Woe is me' thing going on and whined about everything that happened in the whole book.I did not find this book overly amusing. As a matter of fact, I didn't find it amusing at all. There were a lot of Jewish terminology used in the book. Mostly it was used in a derogatory name-calling way. Maybe I just wasn't open minded enough to let it slide.